Business Park & Industrial Warehouse Perris, CA

Blue Arch Investment’s Blue Marquis LLC finished entitlements in 2023 for the business park and warehouse in Perris with 352,000 sq ft of industrial space, 12,000 sq ft of office space. Located at the southwest corner of Mapes Rd and Trumble Rd, the 18.73 acres has 175 auto parking spaces, 83 tractor trailer spaces and 33 dock-hi stations all adjacent to the I-215 freeway north bound.

  • KEC conducted Biology, Focused Burrowing Owl, Archaeology, Wetlands Delineation, Narrow Endemic Plant and Criteria Area Species Surveys, MSHCP Consistency Analysis to support the Fairy Shrimp Surveys and IS/MND conducted by LSA
Color Planar Site Plan showing building footpring, auto parking and tractor trailer stalls, with street facing landscaping.